Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Simplicius on the Role of the Philosopher

"But we should investigate which place the philosopher will take in the city. Isn't it most of all the human-producing one, the one that crafts trustworthy and respectful citizens? For his job will be none other than to purify himself and the others for a life in accordance with nature fitting for a human being."

Monday, May 28, 2012

Melky Cabrera on Teamwork

"We have a good team around here," Cabrera said with Romo translating. "Everybody's comfortable. Everybody's pushing for each other. It feels good they're talking about me that way, and I feel the same."

Janor Hypercleats Burning Monk quote

"See that burning monk? I think he's trying to say that no matter
how bad the pain is you can still keep your shit together. Now
cut off one of his fingers and let's light a joint with it."
 -- Janor Hypercleats

does anybody know how to find the recording online or for purchase?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ramachandran vs. Harold Bloom in The Pleasures of the Audiobook

“Language comprehension and production evolved in connection with HEARING probably 150,000 yrs ago and to some extent is ‘hard wired’; whereas writing is 5000 to 7000 years old—partially going piggyback on the same circuits, but partially involving new brain structures like the left angular gyrus (damage to which disrupts reading writing and arithmetic). So it’s possible LISTENING to speech (including such things as cadence, rhythm and intonation) is more spontaneously comprehensible and linked to emotional brain centers —hence more evocative and natural.”


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tom Robbins on the Phenomenology of Magic

"The inertia of objects is deceptive. The inanimate world appears static, “dead” to humans only because of our neuro-muscular chauvinism … Look deeper. You’ll need a magnifying glass … On the atomic and sub-atomic levels, weird electrical forces are crackling and flaring, and amorphous particles are spinning simultaneously forward and backward, sideways and forever at speeds so incalculable that expressions such as “arrival,” “departure,” and “have a nice day” become meaningless. It is on these levels that “magic” occurs."
from his novel "Skinny Legs and All"

Saturday, May 19, 2012

semi lucid dream

I had one of those weird semi lucid dreams the other night; knew that something strange and familiar was going on and that it wasn't ordinary reality, but wasn't quite getting that it was a dream. Meanwhile moving through all kinds of strange rooms and landscapes and clumsily practicing various superpowers. I'd like to do that without the weird sense of menace from all the dream people who are irritated with me for not knowing the rules.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Twitter Hashtag Gags

from my twitter feed http://twitter.com/t3dy

Game of Tweeps: A Song of Klout and Followers #lessinterestingbooks
The Psychedelic Quietism #lessinterestingbooks
The Politics of Non-Game Ecstasy #lessinterestingbooks
The Dunwich Hoarder #lessinterestingbooks
The Joy of Deduction #lessinterestingbooks

The FAQ of Imaginary Beings #GamerBorges
(redacted -- older version read Screen for FAQ)
The Story of the Two Dreaming Gamers #GamerBorges
The Disinterested Killer Ninja Gaiden #GamerBorges
Hakim, The Masked Dyer of HDTV #GamerBorges
Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Game Genie Code Taxonomy #GamerBorges
Super Mario, Author of the Quixote #GamerBorges
Batman: Arkham Archive of Babel #GamerBorges
The Garden of Forking Counterspells #GamerBorges

The Music of Ludwig Van #HPLcutup
How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Succumb to Eldritch Madness Three Days Later #PKDHPLcutup
Beyond the Wall of Hynpogogic Hallucination #PKDHPLcutup
The Nameless Conapt #PKDHPLcutup
A Scanner Dismally #PKDHPLcutup
The Lurking Android #PKDHPLcutup
Flow My Tears, The Outsider Said #PKDHPLcutup
The Three Stigmata of Eldritch Laughter #PKDHPLcutup

Time is Out of Jarry #PKDcutup
The Penultimate Destination #PKDcutup

A Song of Gubbish and Kipple #PKDGRRMcutup
Throne Players of Titan #PKDGRRMcutup
The Electric Sandking #PKDGRRMcutup

Finnegan's Dead Man's Party #JoyceBoingoCutup
A Portrait of the Artist as Only a Lad #JoyceBoingoCutup
American Iconoclast #AlternateRealityTV
The Slope #AlternateRealityTV
The Jersey Shire #AlternateRealityTV
Keeping up with the Balderdashians #alternaterealitytv

The Longest Zardoz #CombinedMovieTitles
Children of Mad Men #CombinedMovieTitles
An American Werewolf in Paris, Texas #CombinedMovieTitles
The Repo Man Who Knew Too Much #CombinedMovieTitles
As Good As It Gets Over It #CombinedMovieTitles @mitdasein
Videodrome Killed The Radio Star #CombinedMovieTitles
Bee Season of the Witch #CombinedMovieTitles
@TragicMoe Children of a Lesser Subgenius #RedactedCombinedMovieTitles

IMHO=In My Humblebrag Opinion #netacronymsexposed

Hyporion #NonEuclideanSFTitleMutations
Ring Whirled #NonEuclideanSFTitleMutations
Setmancer #NonEuclideanSFTitleMutations
A Canticle for Leibniz #NonEuclideanSFTitleMutations
Slush Crash #NonEuclideanSFTitleMutations
Slaughterhouse Pi #NonEuclideanSFTitleMutations
A Maze of Depth #NonEuclideanSFTitleMutations

The Flaming Limits #NonEuclideanBands

like an adept / transmutin' for the very first time #AlchemicalMadonna

and a couple from my followers:

Jesse Markham ‏ @tadjemiii
@t3dy At The Mountains of Mindfulness #lessinterestingbooks

Bethany Hughes ‏ @exiledfromrain
@t3dy Allan Quaternion #NonEuclideanSFTitleMutations

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Auden quote

"To attempt the most difficult seems to me the only thing worthwhile. At least I know what I am trying to do, which most American writers don't, which is to live deliberately without roots. I would put it like this. America may break me completely, but the best of which one is capable is more likely to be drawn out of one here than anywhere else." - W.H. Auden to E.R. Dodds, 1940