Sunday, August 2, 2015

San Francisco Giants Players as Game of Thrones Characters

Homeless Hunter Strickland
Eyrie Adrianza
A Lincecum always pays his debts
Ironborn Pagan
Hector Clegane
Aegon Bumgarner
Buster of the Trident
Brandon Belt the Builder
"You know nothing, Javier Lopez."
Pyromancer Affeldt
Northman Aoki
Andal Susac
Peerless Yusmeiro Petit
Storm King Casilla
George Kontos the Grim
Blanco is Coming
Hesto Presto of Asshai
The Dwarf's Pence
The Dornishman's Whiteside
Ser Hudson of the Blackwater
Sergio Stormcrow
The Flayed Matt Cain
Maester Panik
Legendary Mike Leake
Ryan Valyriansong