Thursday, October 9, 2014

Reading List

here is a list of the ten books that got me into what I'm working on/researching:
1. Theurgy and the Soul, Gregory Shaw
2. Eros and Magic in the Renaissance, Ioan Couliano
3. Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition, Frances Yates
4. Thinking with Demons, Stuart Clark
5. Promethean Ambitions, William R. Newman
6. John Dee's Conversations with Angels, Deborah Harkness
7. Conjuring Spirits, Claire Fanger
8. Esotericism and the Academy, Wouter Hanegraaff
9. Trithemius and Magical Theology, Noel Brann
10. The Language of Demons and Angels: Cornelius Agrippa's Occult Philosophy, Christopher Lehrich

A follower on Twitter has requested a more general list for occult newbies, so I'm working on that next, but I'll have to look into what books are now available.